The Ideal Tablet in Town- BlackBerry PlayBook

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Published: 30th July 2012
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Undoubtedly, in this era, the demand of Tablets has raised to a great extent. By looking at the growing demands, even some of the renowned mobile phone companies are competing by launching their Tablet PCs in the market. A Canada-based Research in Motion (RIM), which has revolutionized the mobile phone industry with its unique Smartphones, has introduced a tablet, named as BlackBerry PlayBook. This tablet is available with three memory storage capacities, you can choose either 16GB, 32GB or 64GB, which you think is suitable for the purpose you are using this tablet. Read on to know about BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet with 32GB memory and 64GB memory.

Features of BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet with 32GB and 64GB Memory

The date on which BlackBerry Tablet was brought into the market was 23rd of March 2011. This device is the first to run its own operating system, which is based on QNX Neutrino. Now you can communicate using one device, as this tablet has the features and options for you that make communication easy and better. Moreover, the PlayBook has built in applications for calendar, contacts and messages, whereas, there are some advance features that are incorporated to provide detailed information related to your contacts, companies and people on your calendar.

Now with this handheld PlayBook, you are given the flexibility to manage emails and social network messages, because there is an inbox incorporated, for both. Inline editing, bold, underline and italics, if you want to create, edit or format messages, then these features available in your PlayBook will assist you in doing so. In addition to this, this BlackBerry tablet has a mobile office suite installed i.e. With Documents To Go, which helps you to edit and view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, when you are on the move.

Whether you love playing games or listening music or interested to use various types of applications and other stuff, you can enjoy everything on your BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB and 32GB tablet. This smart device lets you spend hours on entertainment, no matter where you are, even when you are on a trip, long drive, when you are on a move, you will never get bored. This tablet will serve as a companion, further you can download or buy a variety of apps, books and games, simply from BlackBerry App World storefront.

High-End Features of PlayBook Tablet

The BlackBerry PlayBook comes with such top notch features, which have made it stand one step ahead from laptops. The super speedy dual core processor, two HD video cameras one facing front and the other on the back with 1080p, 1GB of RAM and the QNX technology, makes this device superior among others. Your work related information and data as well as personal information remains protected, due to the QNX technology, because the BlackBerry security is paired with it.

The BlackBerry Bridge

BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB and 64GB come with a remarkable feature that enables you to connect BlackBerry Smartphone with the tablet using the BlackBerry Bridge. Moreover, the best part is that your Smartphone can serve as a keyboard and mouse for this PlayBook tablet. If you opt to watch a movie on BlackBerry tablet, which is connected to TV, then with the help of your Smartphone, you can easily pause it.

In addition, if you want to view any document or browse Internet instead of your BlackBerry cell phone on a larger display, then you can easily do so by connecting your BlackBerry cell via BlackBerry Bridge to the PlayBook.
Above all, this efficient tablet with 32GB memory is capable to perform multiple tasks at a time. Download songs while chatting, make video calls, read books and do other stuff simultaneously, you will never get disappointed with its performance.

Abdul Samad Karar
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